llana, a brand dedicated to children's apparel and commited to the best quality, was founded in Barcelona and is lead by Ariadna Sierra.  

Ariadna, proud mother of two, is originally from Lleida, a charming town a mere 131km from Barcelona. Her background as a technical architect has linked her to the world of art and design for many years, and in llana, she’s found a life project.

llana was born with the idea of creating a unique brand that is both fun and spontaneous. Our goal is to follow the fundamental "less is more" concept, and work with original, outstanding design always. Children are - of course - our biggest inspiration, and we aim to create garments that are like a second skin to them, so they can move freely in their many wonderful ways. llana is committed to local production 100% made in Barcelona, with quality raw materials.


Our team

Ariadna Sierra - Founder & Creative Director
Maria Alejandra Guerra - Graphic & Print Designer
Marketing Expresso - Marketing & Communications
David Brito - Web Design
Andrea Bielsa - Photography